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The following are five reasons why kids should train jiu-jitsu.

Learn Self-Defense

The first reason kids should learn jiu-jitsu is because it is the most efficient form of self-defense. Although many physical altercations can be avoided, some simply cannot. Bullying, has become a real issue for many kids and makes it difficult to want to go to school or take part in extra curricular activities. Self-defense skills can not only keep kids safe in case of a physical altercation, but they can also give kids the confidence to avoid these situations.

Build Social Skills

Being part of a group that is striving for a common goal is one of the best ways to build better social skills. Although jiu-jitsu is unlike traditional team sports, it requires communication and cooperation between partners.

Build Leadership Skills

As kids start to gain skills and confidence in jiu-jitsu, they’ll often be put in positions to work on their leadership skills. For example, kids who have more experience in jiu-jitsu will often times be partnered with a new class member during the drilling portion of the class.

Build Healthy Habits

Healthy exercise and eating habits are essential for a long and prosperous life. The earlier these habits are ingrained in someone, the more likely they are to stick with them for life.

Less Screen Time

These days it’s often a challenge to spend less time in front of a screen, regardless of your age. With unlimited access to entertainment and work, we’re spending more time in front of screens than ever before. Having planned time away from our devices is often the best way to ensure we remain active and spend less time consuming mindless entertainment. Even though much of the content on the internet is educational, it’s still important for us to be intentional with our movement practices. Jiu-Jitsu classes generally range from one to two hours and force kids to exercise, work on their communication skills, and stay off their devices.

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